At Fiesta Tortillas we know there is a certain portion in the community who choose a healthier lifestyle. Fiesta has been working on recipes such as gluten free, multi-grain, vegan (non-dairy) and 100% whole wheat tortillas to suit the needs for those who look for a healthier alternative.

The corn that we use for both tortillas and chips are made with 100% corn, non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) certified. Our chips are fried only with 100% clear, non-hydrogenated Canola oil. Canola oil is considered a healthier alternative that reduces the amount of acid and increases healthy fats such as Omega 3.

Fiesta Tortillas’ flour products have also been tuned to fit the health nut’s diet. We use unbleached and untreated flour while maintaining a low carb and non-trans fat tortilla, but most importantly, we strive to maintain a great tasting tortilla for your home kitchen or restaurant.